Long-Term Care Insurance Claims Are Complicated.

With over 400,000 variations of policies and riders issued since the industry began, long-term care insurance claims are complicated.  Long-term care insurance claims require close attention to detail, and insurance companies are in no hurry to approve claims.

Medical records, care assessments, plans of care and daily care notes must all substantiate a claim.  Because of the varying language of policies, caregivers and medical staff are not always tuned in to the requirements demanded by insurance carriers.

There is no uniform coding in the long-term care insurance world, and interpretation of contract language often varies within the insurance company itself.

Seniors and their families are often left scrambling to understand a long-term care insurance policy, while also dealing with loss of health.  Long-term care insurance works, but it is one type of insurance that counts on a primarily senior audience to navigate a complicated process at what may be the worst time of their lives.

Trying to get a claim to pay without professional help is ill-advised when so much money is at stake.  Like hiring an accountant to help with your taxes, talking to a consumer specialist in long-term care insurance claims, may make the difference between having the choices the policy promised versus paying all those premiums and not receiving any benefit.  Contact Family Solutions for Care.  844-858-4500.

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