What Families Say about FSC

FSC has allowed me to spend quality time with my folks which otherwise would have been spent in daily correspondence with the insurance company, nursing facility, etc., etc.

Thank you also for your personal encouragement during this stressful and trying time.  We absolutely could not have done it without your help!

The Lansford family

“I was referred to FSC by the assisted living company. The company told me that FSC had already helped so many of their patients. I thought at the time I could handle doing the claim on my own, but after I stayed on the phone for an hour trying to get information from the long-term care insurance, boy I knew I needed help “FSC has been a lifesaver to me. They keep perfect files of all of our interactions and plus their customer service is second to none. Their knowledge of claims alone is worth the money spent.

Emma and Jimmy McDonald

From the very beginning, I knew it was going to be very difficult to get my claim approved.  So I decided to go with Family Solutions for Care (FSC).  FSC went to work immediately to get my claim approved.  I never could have done this on my own…FSC is the BEST!

Arthur Tucker

I learned about FSC and gave them a call. It was the best decision I could have made, and worth every dollar. It was a wise investment of not only funds, but also of peace of mind. I worked closely with our case manager who completed Dad’s claim for me and talked directly with the insurance company. As a result, Dad’s claim was approved!

Wanda Martin

I have a college degree, with majors in accounting and finance, and am quite familiar with Business Law, but these half a dozen or so pages of “legalize” looked like “traps” just waiting for me to write something in error that could be used to disqualify my wife….So, thank you, FSC. My blood pressure is normal again and I can concentrate fully on helping out MY Jeannie of 59 years and counting.


What Families Say About Insurance Companies

My parents faithfully paid monthly premiums to (Insurance Carrier) for over 20 yrs. They were both satisfied with the insurance until they needed it. In the Spring of 2018, my mother entered a nursing home due to permanent health issues she was having. My father contacted the company to initiate benefits. His experience was similar to others: every time he called, either his rep was out of the office, or would call him back (which never happened), after completing a mountain of complicated paperwork & submitting it, his customer service experience did not improve.

My 87 Year old mother has been approved to receive her LTC since September 2017. After filing countless papers, medical records, Assisted Living Care Plans, and EVERTHING ELSE LTC asked for they still haven’t sent any $$$ for reimbursement. To add insult to injury they still send a quarterly bill since they haven’t “put in the paperwork” to “waive premiums like stated in the policy.” When you call in you get someone different person every time and you are told a supervisor will call you back, which never happens. When you ask why they haven’t processed reimbursement payment in 10 days “like the policy states” they say for the amount owed it will take longer for this to be processed. It’s 10’s of $1000 because they are dragging their feet to pay!!!

They say they’ll call you back in one business day. NOT TRUE! It took them 4 months to approve claims… Had to call the executive secretary to finally get going. I just called and they said they had a lot of calls and to call back in 2-3 hours. What kind of company does that? You have to use their approved agencies. I don’t think that sounds ethically right.

After paying in for 20 years my mother at 93 needs the long term care. Once the claim was started it took not only 90 days waiting but 135 days before we got a payment. The payments get later and later each month. I have to follow up each month to get a payment and each time for the past year get a phone message that the agent will call you in 24 hours and if they don’t you are to call their supervisor. Then when you call the supervisor you get a message that if they don’t get back in 24 hours call their supervisor.

Each month when I finally reach them there is a new reason why they haven’t paid. I have been bawled out for writing on an invoice, to calling an agent who is no longer handling my mother’s account. I just know that each month I will spend 3-5 phone calls getting my mother’s payment. I can’t believe this company is allowed to prey on seniors. As I read the reviews the positive ones are those who have purchased the policy. They have no idea as to the treatment they will get when they try to collect.