ClaimJockey, LLC to Family Solutions for Care

Our world changes at an ever-increasing rate.  At ClaimJockey (now Family Solutions For Care), we’re no different.  How many of you are still doing thing the same as you were in 2011?  I’m not sure the word” twitter” has the same meaning as in 2019 as in 2011.  But I don’t think so.

In 2011, ClaimJockey put together a business dedicated to securing long-term care insurance benefit dollars for families from their very complex policies and took its first steps.

When ClaimJockey was new, mistakes were made.  Like every new business, some of the people involved ended up not working out.  ClaimJockey and the people that didn’t fit we’re removed and Family Solutions for Care, FSC picked up the mantel.

ClaimJockey Rebrands & Improves

Our biggest mistake was not effectively communicating with you.  As we’ve noted, things have changed a lot since 2011.  We changed to better meet the need of families in a more complete way.

Be reassured, the same people who founded the company are still working every day meeting the care needs of loved ones by coordinating all the pieces to maximize benefit payments on behalf of individuals.  Helping them maintain their dignity, without the worry of the insurance company missing a payment.

What really has changed since 2011.  Our company got smarter and the carriers have gotten more demanding and, sometimes difficult, as they struggle to manage risk during this tsunami of claims they are facing.

The team at Family Solutions for Care has secured over $100,000,000 for its client families.  FSC is current with each insurance companies’ protocols and requirements.

Outsourcing has become more necessary as care providers struggle with staffing and state requirements.  They’re finding us – Family Solutions for Care (formerly ClaimJockey) – and connecting them with the families they are working with.  Many care providers have become disillusioned with the delaying treatment they receive at the hand of the insurance companies.  They are realizing they cannot afford the time it takes to chase down ongoing monthly required paperwork.  Franchise Owner has NO time to handle the backroom for long-term care insurance claims.


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