Family Solutions for Care Secures $142,000 for One of its Families.

2018 New Year’s Eve brought a $142,000 check to one of Family Solutions for Care families (FSC).  FSC wants to thank Brookdale of Tracy and the Transport Life Insurance company for partnering in this successful effort.

“The family cried when I told them,” said Natalie Vayo, claims specialist.  “It’s taken a year of continuous contact with both the insurance company and the care provider to make this happen.”  Vayo added, “What a great way to end the year.”

The California family asked not to be identified but did issue this statement.  “We had given up.  The process overwhelmed us.  The saddest part is both of my parents passed before we received the check.  Thank you, Family Solutions for Care and Natalie.  Your work in securing the money due us makes a true difference as we pay the expenses occurred.”

Family Solutions for Care works for families securing benefits due to pay for care.  Covering all 50 states FSC has secured benefits from all the major insurance companies.  Vayo stated, “I’ve seen a lot of companies and many policy variations, but I had never heard of Transport Life Insurance company.  Their requirements were typical but with a few twists an untrained person would miss.  We don’t because this is what we do.”

The daughter who lost both of her parents said, “I’ve been so stressed.  However, I knew I had the best fighting for me when I hired FSC.  I checked with several people I know and a few communities, they all sang FSC’s praises.  I found out they had told me the truth.

Natalie called New Year’s Eve and told me what had happened.  I can start 2019 without the burden of trying to pay multiple bills for my deceased parents.  FSC has given me my life back.  I recommend to everyone who has a Long-Term Care insurance policy to contact Family Solutions for Care.  You need them to keep your sanity.”

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