How we help elder law attorneys and the families they serve:

Family Solutions for Care is here to help elder law attorneys like you—and the families you serve—through the long-term care insurance claim process

Letting an expert manage the claims process means that families can get retroactive benefits and satisfy their LTC policy elimination period faster, ensuring that they’re taking advantage of all the benefits provided in their policies and getting the care they need sooner. 

How we help your clients at no charge to you:

Retroactive benefits (Refund). We go back as far as 24 months to find any changes in health that could trigger claim eligibility retroactively and secure a refund for the family from their LTC insurance carrier.

Reducing or satisfying the elimination period (Savings). Instead of waiting to satisfy the elimination period, we often help clients qualify for policy payments on the first day your services are provided.

Complimentary policy review. We offer free policy reviews to help your clients take advantage of all their benefits—at no cost to you.

On average, we secure $23,600 in retroactive benefits, refunding clients so they don’t have to wait to get the services they need. And over the past five years, FSC has secured more than $150,000,000 from long-term care insurance carriers on behalf of LTC insurance claimants. 

We offer elder law practices a complementary policy review to help you and your families get the most out of their policies as quickly and easily as possible. FSC will be your go-to resource for helping the families you serve maximize their LTC benefits.  


Fill out the quick form to refer your clients, and we’ll contact you within 24 hours and you will experience why we are a trusted resource for you and your families.

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