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How we help Fairway Loan Originators and the families you serve:

A free policy review to help the claimant understand what the policy will cover and the likelihood of receiving payment.  

Retroactive benefits. We go back as far as 24 months to find any changes in health that could trigger claim eligibility retroactively and secure a refund for the family from their LTC insurance carrier.

Reducing or satisfying the elimination period. Instead of waiting to satisfy the elimination period, we often help clients qualify for policy payments on the first day your services are provided.

Reducing out-of-pocket expenses. Retroactive benefits and reduced elimination days both help lower the out-of-pocket costs for the client in your care. 

Claim Processing.  A service to completely handle initiation of the claim, assembling all provider records in a HIPAA secure system, all communication with the insurance company, all paperwork, and all monthly submissions to maintain coverage and maximize benefits.

On average, we secure $23,600 of retroactive benefits, refunding clients to pay you on day one. And over the past five years, FSC has secured more than $175,000,000 from long-term care insurance carriers and dealt with thousands of claims.

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