Testimonials Clients Have Written Us

Connie and Tom Ricer

“My husband’s mother and father both feel into ill health about 5 ½ years ago. We both left our jobs and moved to Virginia… Read more “Connie and Tom Ricer”

Larry Mock

“I first heard of FSC through the Assisted living facility where my 92-year-old mother lives. My mother had been paying monthly premiums ($150 to… Read more “Larry Mock”

Melanie K.

“I thought I was going to tear my hair out trying to figure out my Mom’s policy. FSC
stepped in to help and… Read more “Melanie K.”

J. Rye

“What a great company! From the beginning, Jesseca and Natalie worked diligently
to recover my mother’s claim. Always available and supportive, they helped… Read more “J. Rye”

Cathy Baron

“I was frustrated with dealing with my dad’s long-term care insurance company
and the marketing manager at Winford Memory Care gave me FSC… Read more “Cathy Baron”

Vicki Barclay

“I would definitely recommend FSC to anyone who was dealing with long-term care
insurance policies. It can be very, very time consuming and… Read more “Vicki Barclay”

Dave Lanter – CarePatrol

Wedding Pic

I highly recommend FSC for their help with any long-term care insurance claims. Every time I have utilized them to assist a client who… Read more “Dave Lanter – CarePatrol”

Virginia Petter

Hope your week stays good and you are blessed with happy people to help!  If they don’t start out happy, I know that after… Read more “Virginia Petter”

Ray Benderman

Long Term Care Insurance Options

“After my 91-year-old, widowed father had a stroke, he was suddenly catapulted to completely care for himself again. As his daughter and power of… Read more “Ray Benderman”

Emma and Jimmy McDonald

LTC Insurance Claim Denial

“I was referred to FSC by the assisted living company. The company told me that FSC had already helped so many of their patients. I… Read more “Emma and Jimmy McDonald”

Paula and Walt Brown

LTC Insurance Help

“On my first attempt a year prior to seek approval of my claim I was instructed to send various other info. I had understood from… Read more “Paula and Walt Brown”

Paul and Judy Furrer

Family Care for Solutions Clients

“We have nothing but high praise for FSC. They were extremely helpful with processing our claim for my sister. “They were very prompt to all… Read more “Paul and Judy Furrer”

The Lansford Family

Long Term Care Insurance Claim Denied

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at FSC for your professionalism in filing the long-term health care claim… Read more “The Lansford Family”

Alice MacArthur

When I got word that my mother’s Long Term Care (LTC) insurance claim was denied and being closed after her being in assisted living for… Read more “Alice MacArthur”

Arthur Tucker

Arthur Tucker

From the very beginning, I knew it was going to be very difficult to get my claim approved.  So I decided to go with… Read more “Arthur Tucker”

Judy Crothers and her daughter, Whitney

Long Term Care Insurance Help

The team members at FSC have been a dream to work with. It has been the perfect
advocate for our mother’s situation. They… Read more “Judy Crothers and her daughter, Whitney”

Judy Crothers

Charlyne MacArthur

When I got word that my mother’s Long Term Care (LTC) insurance claim was denied and being closed after her being in assisted living… Read more “Charlyne MacArthur”

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