The problem: Your clients with long term care insurance are facing a frustrating, time-consuming, often-maddening process when it comes to submitting their long-term care insurance claim.

The solution: We help make sure the claim is approved and the family gets paid quickly…every cent they are due!

When families are paid sooner, paid more, and when the burden of claims paperwork is lifted from their shoulders — everyone benefits.

  • communities (or home care services) are paid consistently, since families can now easily afford the care they need and desire. In addition, families relieved of financial strain can often purchase more premium services.
  • the policyholder maximizes their benefit and can purchase the care they need sooner.
  • Families recover more money. Without expert help, families often leave money on the table. It’s impossible for families — and care providers — to be experts in policy language and claims — and in how to squeeze every legitimate benefit out of a specific policy. For example, there are OFTEN three things that policyholders don’t know how to collect on. We do! They are 1) retroactive benefits; 2) and satisfying their policy elimination period faster; 3) take full advantage of all the benefits provided in their policies. Focusing on item 1(retroactive benefits) only for a moment: On average, we secure $23,600 of retroactive benefits, reimbursing clients so they don’t have to wait to get the services they need.

One more thing: we know that many caregivers offer to help families with claims. We are seeing more and more lawsuits related to this well-meaning but potentially dangerous practice. That’s because when claims are denied or delayed, families blame the agency or community that offered them help! Denied or delayed claims can mean family financial disaster, and shrinking care options.

Eliminate this very real liability by referring to Family Solutions for Care. We are qualified experts in the specialized area of long term care insurance claims. Over the past five years, FSC has secured more than $200,000,000 from long-term care insurance carriers on behalf of LTC insurance claimants.

Get Happier Clients, More Money to spend for care, and Limit Liability when you refer clients with policies to Family Solutions for Care.

It all starts with a no-cost policy review. We offer free policy reviews to help your clients take advantage of all their benefits — at no cost to you or to your client.

Refer your client by filling in the form to the right. We look forward to working with your client — and with you!

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