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Long-Term Care Insurance Resources

Bridge Loan

When initially transitioning a loved one to senior living, it is common for families to experience a gap in available funding when trying to pay for care. You need to pay for care now, but funding won’t come until later. Do any of these financial scenarios sound familiar? [More]

Real Estate

  1. Experienced local realtors
  2. Help with additional services like cleaning and repairs
  3. Specialists who tailor their business to helping seniors [More]

VA Benefits

Did you know that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs provides a pension to veterans, with additional benefits that help pay for senior care? If you or your loved one are a veteran or the spouse of a veteran, the VA pension with the Aid and Attendance benefit may be available to you. [More]

Reverse Mortgage

Often, only one spouse needs to move to assisted living or memory care, so the other spouse stays at home. And for some families, home care is a more appealing option than moving to a community. [More]

Long-Term Care Insurance Help

Our goal at Family Solutions For Care is to provide help with maximizing your long-term care insurance claim benefits and giving you options if your long-term care insurance claim is denied, more info on our long-term care insurance claim services page.

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