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Life-Inspiring Legacies

Life-Inspiring Legacies

Life-Inspiring Legacies writes family stories and turns those stories into lovely books that can be preserved for future generations. We also help our clients write their obituaries before they pass, saving those they leave behind time and stress in an already difficult situation.

A legacy book for a retiring executive, owner, or company officer would be a treasured gift.

Connect with Beth Bahner at Life-Inspiring Legacies to discover how you can work together to document your story — a precious gift for generations to come.

The Voice for Eldercare Advocacy

Phyllis Ayman

Phyllis Ayman helps individuals and families develop strategies for making informed decisions as they embark on seeking care for a short-term rehabilitation or long- term stay. She provides coaching on an individual’s rights, the ins and outs of what to look for and questions to ask, and how to resolve problem situations.

Phyllis knows the root causes of the problems faced by individuals within skilled nursing home facilities. She will help you understand the causes and provide you with much needed information so that you can effectively advocate for your needs and/or the needs of your loved ones.

Find out more at The Voice for Eldercare Advocacy.

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