Connie and Tom Ricer

“My husband’s mother and father both feel into ill health about 5 ½ years ago. We
both left our jobs and moved to Virginia to be able to care for them. His father passed
away shortly after moving there and his mom agreed to move back to Ohio with us so
we could be close to children and grandchildren once again. Things went well for over
3 years. His mother was able to go to the senior citizen center, out shopping, out to
dinner, etc.
As her health declined we had to make the decision of what to do – keep her at home
cooped up in her suite with home care, or move her to assisted living where she would
be around others her age (she’s very sociable!) and able to participate in the activities
that she could still manage. We decided on the latter, and that’s where the uncertainty
We had purchased a long-term care plan for her a number of years ago and started
looking at the document to see what kind of criteria we would need to meet in order
to get the policy to ‘kick in’ if she were to move into assisted living. We visited an
assisted living facility that is about 2 miles from our home, immediately liked everything
about it, and received a name from them of a long-term care specialist. She gave us
the name of Jesseca Patterson at FSC.
“After our first conversation with Jesseca, there was an immediate sense of relief. She
explained the process and every way that she would be able to assist us and the terms
and conditions of that assistance. We decided after those conversations that it was
definitely the way to go.
We felt that we probably could eventually figure everything out on our own, but also
realized that we were dealing with enough at that point with caring for his mother and it
would be such a relief to be free of the burden of trying to do that ourselves, especially
A testimonial from someone who called for an initial free consultation:
“My husband’s claim for Adult Day Care was denied by our long-term care insurance
company. I contacted FSC and Terry Anderson returned my call. He explained my
options (one of which was a free consultation). We spoke several times including a
3-way conversation with the long-term care insurance company.
“I decided to appeal the case myself. Terry’s suggestions were most helpful and he
never pushed me for a decision.
“I received a letter from the long-term care insurance company after my appeal and
they overturned their original decision to deny our claim. They approved the Adult Day
Care benefits for my husband. Because of the “Free Consultation” with FSC I was able
to get the information I needed to get the decision overturned.
“I would use FSC services again if needed. I would recommend them to anyone
requiring help with a claim.”
— Jan Bergkessel