Drew Fuller, Right at Home Franchise Owner, said he has NO time to do the backroom for long-term care insurance claims.

Drew said he would tell all new and existing franchise owners, “Work with Family Solutions for Care!  Why Not?  It doesn’t cost the franchise anything.  The policyholder gets more benefits.  It makes no sense for me to try to figure out long-term care insurance claims when this professional team can handle it for our clients.  They have made my life so much easier!”

Drew had made the decision to target Long-Term care Insurance policyholders.  “I find that people who own long-term care insurance are more affluent and easier to work with.  They’re used to buying services supporting various aspects of their lives.

Drew and his team had tried working with the various carriers – they were keeping up with the care notes.  The carrier continually came back asking for new information.  It was a nightmare.  Then carriers would deny the claims.

“Supporting long-term care insurance claims became an expense to my business.  I wanted to help but I was leaking money on a non-client care maze of claims.  I couldn’t continue to pay someone to “stay in the back room and figure out” all the different long-term care insurance companies and their complex and confusing paperwork.  On top of that, a claim had to be submitted every month or the money would stop.  I was frustrated by the way the insurance company treated my business and our clients.  They always had a reason to delay everything.”

Drew remembers the claim that pushed him over the top.  “We were stuck on a claim, we tried submitting invoices to the carrier – and got nowhere.  The carrier would not work with him me or tell me anything.  The client was a lady that was receiving 12 hours of care per week.  Like most, she had a limited budget and the insurance money was critical to her continuing to receive the care she needed.  We were at our wit’s end.  The family went to an attorney and they went back and forth and nothing happened.”

“Around this time, I found Family Solutions for Care (FSC), the nation’s oldest and largest professional consumer Long-Term care insurance claims filing service.  Family Solutions for Care came on board and got the claim reinstated and helped activate more services.  She is now allotted 19 hours per day/ 133 hours per week for the rest of her life, with her unlimited policy.”

“FSC has secured over $100,000,000 for their clients.  I’m convinced it’s the only option families have.  I instruct my team to tell family members to use Family Solutions for Care.  Best of all, the family raves about the service they’re receiving from FSC.