Ray Benderman

“After my 91-year-old, widowed father had a stroke, he was suddenly catapulted to completely care for himself again. As his daughter and power of attorney, I found myself navigating unfamiliar territory. I became overwhelmed and intimidated…

I learned about FSC and gave them a call. It was the best decision I could have made, and worth every dollar. It was a wise investment of not only funds, but also of peace of mind. I worked closely with our case manager who completed Dad’s claim for me and talked directly with the insurance company. As a result, Dad’s claim was approved!

Then, six months later the insurance company denied his benefits following their eligibility recertification process. When I called FSC to help me appeal, it was like calling an old friend. They took immediate action, and Dad’s benefits were reinstated! I’ll be forever grateful for Family Solutions for Care’s personable attention and trusted expertise, making it possible for Dad and my siblings to avoid a disastrous outcome. I strongly recommend calling FSC!”

— Wanda Martin