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Family Solutions For Care provides you with a full and realistic understanding of how your long-term care insurance policy works.

Full LTC Claim Support

FSC’s full claim support is a hands-free service for you. We do all the heavy lifting and work, so you can focus on your loved one and not the runaround. With over 75 years of experience, our team has the time and the expertise to make sure all eligible benefits are secured. Our professional team handles all insurance company paperwork requirements and communications for you. All records are maintained in a HIPAA approved system. FSC is the only company that maintains a real-time repository of all your claim information and records. You have access to your personally assigned claims specialist during normal business hours.

Hourly Consultation Services

2-Hour Minimum

For those who have the time and background to file a claim on their own. Hire a professionally trained consumer long-term care insurance claims expert to guide you as you prepare to handle all aspects of your ongoing claim.

Help With Long-Term Care Insurance Claims

We are here to listen to you and help you understand what your policy may or may not provide.  Our experienced team at Family Solutions for Care helps to arm you with educated information so you can make informed decisions about long-term care and your LTC insurance options.

Our team has been working with long-term care insurance claims and long-term care insurance claim denials since 1997.  We are the largest, consumer-based company, helping families throughout the United States with their long-term care insurance claims. Elder law attorneys, assisted living communities, home care agencies, and other professionals in the senior-market, count on our team to help their families.

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