We Secure Funding From Long-Term Care Insurance Policies For You & Your Loved Ones

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Owning a long-term care insurance policy does not guarantee benefits.  With over 400,000 variations of policies and riders,  Long-term care insurance policies are complex, confusing, and inconsistent.

FSC’s Client’s First LTC Claim Benefit Check Averages $23,000

Family Solutions For Care is America’s most experienced and largest consumer filing service.  FSC works with thousands of families,  assisted living communities, attorneys, care placement organizations, home health care providers, and other professionals.

Family Solutions For Care Helps Provide Claim Results

If you have a need to activate a Long-Term Care insurance claim, there are a lot of serious changes happening.

Your life became more complicated when your loved one’s health changed.

Now, family dynamics, decisions on moving, hiring caregivers, finding money to pay for services, selling a family home,  Dr. visits, medication management, and emotional support has fallen to you and it can all be overwhelming.

Through our professional LTC claim assistance and adjustment services, our team at Family Solutions For Care secures funding from Long-Term Care Insurance policies, understanding your Long-Term Care Insurance Benefits, and is available to help with your questions and concerns relating to your Long-Term Care Insurance.

Contact Family Solutions For Care today at (844) 858-4500 to get the information you need regarding your long-term insurance care or help with a long-term insurance care claim.

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