My Blood Pressure is Normal Again!

When my wife reached the need for Assisted Living, I was delighted that 20 years ago we had the good sense to purchase Long Term Care Insurance from a well-established firm. But I went into SHOCK when I received the “application” forms from what must have been their highly selected, most talented legal experts!

I have a college degree, with majors in accounting and finance, and am quite familiar with Business Law, but these half a dozen or so pages of “legalize” looked like “traps” just waiting for me to write something in error that could be used to disqualify my wife.

I consulted a law firm which, for $600 per hour, would take over but they were kind enough to suggest there were others fully qualified to help. Fast forward to FSC, LLC FamilySolutionsforCare, and specifically Claims Specialist Jeanne Garoutte. Hallelujah!! For one -thing, my wife (Jeannie) and she have nearly the same name. Anyway, after a brief pleasant exchange of “my needs” and her “expert training”, I learned not only would she TOTALLY represent us to our insurance company (with which she already works daily) but also to the Assisted Living office administrator where Jeannie lives.

For FSC’s annual fee, FSC would handle EVERYTHING at both ends and have the insurance claims checks deposited to Jeannie’s bank account each month. She’s (Jeanne, at FSC) ever busy now, training new people handling the paperwork process (at BOTH ends), having billing errors corrected by the facility, tracking down missing detail everywhere etc., etc. So, thank you, Jeanne. My blood pressure is normal again and I can concentrate fully on helping out MY Jeannie of 59 years and counting.